Live data sharing for charities, funders & social enterprises

Use your existing databases to power visualisations, automatic surveys, alerts, benchmarks and much more


Create connections to your new and old databases in minutes.

Select only the data you want to connect from your databases, systems and spreadsheets. Connections will automatically sync.


Enhance your data by combining different connections.

Use our powerful mix tool to combine and transform your connected data. Find new insights and create new real-time mixes for reporting and sharing.


Share your selected data safely with new solutions or organisations.

Use your data to power real-time reports, visualisations, website stats and more. Directly share anonymised and sensitive data with consortiums and funders.

Connect Mix Share helps you easily use and share your data in a safe and secure way

No longer spend days manually crunching data for reports, or re-entering the same data into multiple platforms. Connect Mix Share connects and automates everything.

Some of the ways we help Charities and Social Enterprises

Stream Data Direct
To Live Visualisations

Select and stream your data directly to PowerBI to create live impact dashboards which can be added to your website or password protected area.

Send Automated Surveys
to Beneficiaries

Use beneficiary contact data from your database to automatically send questionnaires via email or smartphone to beneficiaries at regular intervals, and receive results in real-time.

Send Real-Time
Alerts To Managers

React more quickly to issues raised from beneficiary surveys by creating instant alerts for managers or key-workers if warning signs are flagged in responses.

Some of the ways we help Funders, Foundations and Federations

Analyse Data From
Across Your Portfolio

Bring together data from multiple organisations to gain a complete overview of the impact you are making. Mix the data with Government data like IMD and ONS to see where impact could be improved.

Create Transparent
Shared Learning

Use live data to create a shared learning environment, helping everyone improve impact together in real time rather than waiting for retrospective evaluation reports.

Reduced Organisation's
Reporting Burden

Live data sharing means you no longer need to ask organisations to provide impact data, giving more time to explore qualitative research together.

Whether you use Connect Mix Share for one or all of these ways to share your data, our platform is very flexible and easy to use.

The power behind organisations like

Use Cases & Benefits

View our presentation below for further real examples of how organisations are benefitting our platform.

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Our platform offers every organisation the freedom to shape their own solutions. Talk to us to find out how we can instantly solve your data problems and unlock the potential of your existing databases.

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Live data sharing for charities, funders & social enterprises

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